Occurs on Tuesday April 17 2018

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Bradenton Kiwanis Theater
502 3rd Ave West
Bradenton FL 34205

Performance Notes

× BASE Talks is a unique interactive speaker series designed to enhance community engagement, add value to the local arts and entertainment, and create a cultural platform for ongoing communication on specific topics.

Most people dread public speaking... more than they fear snakes, dentist, and even death. We all talk freely everyday in a wide variety of settings. So, what's the cause for this Widespread Panic? For more than 20 years, Eileen and Bob Parkinson have been helping people overcome their fear of talking in front of a group. Whether it's a Garden Club, a Board of Directors, an interview for a job, or a toast to the bride and groom, speeches happen everywhere. Sooner or later, we are all called upon to deliver one formally or informally. Learn how to channel your nervousness, control that quivering voice, and come across as a confident and knowledgeable speaker. Eileen and Bob will help you enjoy the experience. And you might even entertain your listeners!

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